The right gear is essential for a safe and enjoyable diving experience.  Air Down There Scuba takes extra caution and care to ensure that the equipment our customers rent is of the highest quality, in excellent condition, and is suited for each diver’s unique needs.  To do so, we have to maintain the following policies:

  • Scuba equipment is available for rental only to certified divers.
  • Proof of certification is required.
  • All rentals require a security deposit. We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX.
  • All gear must be returned clean and dry (see our rental policy).

If you require rental equipment for one of our events please reserve your equipment early.  It is the responsibility of the certified diver to pick-up and return their rentals to the store.

EquipmentDaily RateWeekend Rate
Up to 4 Days
Weekly Rate
Up to 8 Days
Air Tank 80 cu ft Aluminum$15$30$45
Air Tank HP 100 cu ft or 119 cu ft Steel**$20$40$60
Nitrox Tank 80 cu ft Aluminum$20$40$60
Pony Air Tank 30 cu ft Aluminum**$15$30$45
Buoyancy Compensator (BCD) Weight Integrated$25$50$75
Dry Suit with Undergarment*$100$200$300
Dive Computer$25$50$70
Dive Flag$10$15$25
Light - UK (batteries not included)$15$30$45
Regulator with Dive Computer & Compass$50$100$150
Pony Regulator with Compact SPG**$25$50$75
Weight Belt with Weight**$20$20$20
Wetsuit - Full Jumpsuit$20$40$60
  • All rentals include a complimentary mesh bag to use during the rental period.
  • Rental pricing starts from the time you take the equipment out of the store until the time you bring it back.
  • *Dry Suit rentals require proof of a Dry Suit certification.
  • A $20 cleaning charge will be assessed for the undergarment.
  • **Not eligible for half price fun dive discounts.

Rental Policy

  • It is the renter’s responsibility to pick-up and return rented equipment to the store.
  • All equipment must be returned by noon on the specified date.  Daily rental fees will be charged for each late day.
  • All neoprene items (suits, hoods) must be hand washed with mild soap, fresh water rinsed, and hung dry prior to return.
  • Scuba cylinders must be returned clean (no mud, grass, etc.) and with a minimum of 300 psi of air.
  • Regulator must be rinsed, with dust cap in place.  When cleaning, do not submerge regulator first stage.
  • BCD must be fresh water rinsed and all water drained from the bladder.
  • All accessory items must be fresh water rinsed and dried prior to return.
  • $16 VIP charge will apply to tanks returned empty (below 300psi).
  • A $35 servicing fee will apply to any regulator returned without the dust cap in place.
  • A $20 cleaning fee will apply on any neoprene items needing cleaning.
  • A $20 cleaning fee will apply to any BCD needing cleaning and/or draining.
  • A $20 cleaning fee will apply to any accessory equipment that needs cleaning.
  • $100 security deposit (credit authorization will be run).
  • There are no refunds on rental equipment.
  • Lost equipment is your responsibility and will be charged at full retail.