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About ERDi:

Each and every day public safety divers face the challenges of swift water, black water and a myriad of other potentially harmful situations as part of their job.

Air Down There Scuba offers Emergency Response Diving International (ERDi) classes to help teams accomplish these missions with the best possible training available.


Many of the ERDi programs can be taught at several levels in accordance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) guidelines. The level of participation in the practical portion of the course will determine the final level of certification. The NFPA classification levels are: Awareness, Operations and Technician. All ERDi programs are available to public safety professionals regardless of their position within a department. ERDi programs are OSHA compliant and meet FEMA team structure requirments. In fact, some of the largest successful and renown departments use ERDi programs to conduct their own training.

Awareness – The Awareness level can be completed simply by completing the academics for the ERDi course of interest. Upon completion of any of the ERDi courses, an individual will receive an awareness level certificate. For additional insight and understanding of the course, the individual can audit the practical session.

Operations – The Operations level course requires the participant to complete the academics and also participate in the non-diving segments of the Operations level course taught by an ERDi Instructor. Depending on the program an individual is completing, this portion of the training shows how to properly perform and/or supervise non-diving emergency response duties.

Technician – The Technician level is the final step and requires the participant to complete the required number of practical training sessions under the supervision of an ERDi Instructor. Here the individual will apply what they have learned during the awareness and skill-development sessions, while learning practical lessons that can only be gained through hands on/in water training.

ERDI_Diver_LogoAir Down There Scuba has Emergency Response Diving International (ERDi) instructors on-staff. We train departments on how to build and maintain their own PSD teams, offering the following programs:

  • Tender
  • Emergency Response Diver I (ERD-I)
  • Emergency Response Diver II (ERD-II)
  • ERD Supervisor
  • Ice Surface Rescue
  • Contaminated Water Operations
  • Dry Suit Operations
  • Full Face Mask Operations
  • Ice Diving Operations
  • Night Operations
  • Small Boat Operations
  • U/W Crime Scene Operations

What is Emergency Response Diving International (ERDi)?
Emergency Response Diving International is the Public Safety Diving training agency that certifies police, fire and other public safety organizations in waterborne search and rescue techniques. ERDi is the only training agency that offers its own insurance and endorses its own standards. ERDi helps public safety professionals in to and out of the water!

ERDi Mission Statement
To train public safety officials how to reduce the number of water related incidents by providing water safety education and awareness, swift water rescue, dive rescue and recovery services, and water rescue / dive recovery consulting by producing educational materials using cutting edge technology and sound educational practices.