regulator-serviceLet the equipment experts at Air Down There Scuba service all of your equipment. From Air and Nitrox fills (custom blends available) to equipment inspections and annual servicing, Air Down There Scuba can provide the expertise and experience to provide the following professional services.

Air & Nitrox Fills

Hyperfiltered Air Fill <3300psi$9.00
10x Hyperfiltered Air Fill Card$110.00
Nitrox Fill - 32% <3300psi$13.00
10x Nitrox Fill Card$120.00
Custom Mix - over 40%$40.00

Valve & Cylinder Services

Hydrostatic Test*$45.00
Hydrostatic Test for Oxygen Cylinders*$58.00
Eddy Current Test$20.00
Visual Inspection - VIP*$19.00
Cleaning / Tumbling (Due to corrosion)$35.00
K-Valve Rebuild (Parts extra)$35.00
K - Valve Parts Kit$25.00
Burst Disc Replacement$18.00
*Gas Fill - Addtl. Costcurrent rate

EANx (Nitrox) Valve & Cylinder Services

Oxygen Clean Cylinder$35.00
Oxygen Clean Valve (Includes o-rings)$35.00

Regulator Services – Most Major Brands

Annual Service - 1st Stage & Primary (Parts kit extra)$55.00
Annual Service - Octopus (Parts kit extra)$27.50
BCD Integrated Alternate (Octo+, DuoAir, Air II etc...)$35.00

Buoyancy Compensator Services – Most Major Brands

BCD Annual Service - (Cleaning, rinse and leak test - parts extra)$35.00
BCD Power Inflator Service (Cleaning and o-rings - parts extra)$35.00

Dry Suit Services

Neck Seal Replacement - Latex (Seal included)$150.00
Wrist Seal Replacement - Latex, per pair (Seal included)$140.00
Install P-Valve (P-valve not included)$140.00
Install Dry Gloves (Dry Gloves not included)$75.00

Miscellaneous Services

Computer Battery Change (Battery included)$28.00
Ultrasonic Cleaning (heavy corrosion)add $30.00
Rush Service (less than 5 days)add $30.00